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Short sentences

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We’re talking about sentence length. Short sentences of 25 words or less support the reader on his or her buying journey.

Long sentences of 40, 50, 60 words are forgettable not actionable. Find the core meaning and slash the rest. If the rest is necessary, create two sentences instead of one. Eliminate multiple prepositions—‘in,’ ‘of,’ and ‘with’—that significantly weaken a sentence. Let the reader breeze through the message.

Think about the best advertising slogans. They’re short. They’re memorable. They’re actionable…often. These product-differentiating messages are a few words. If advertisers can motivate consumers in five to eight words or less, why can’t we communicate succinctly?

Once you get into the habit of concise writing, you’ll never go back to the long, boring style. You won’t fear the next assignment and, if you’re printing the piece, the cost will be lower with fewer pages. You’ll be working smarter and faster and, most importantly, the customer will know why to buy from you.



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