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B2B product positioning and value proposition

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Competitive positioning and value proposition messaging are the foundation of trust, the only reason a customer will contact you.

When a customer trusts you’re interested in her or his success, you’ve begun the process of establishing a genuine connection. The brand is what your customer thinks it is not what you say it is.

So, why waste time trying to change a customer’s mind with ridiculous statements of company greatness or technical gadgetry? Let your competitors throw away their marketing dollars with that information because they’re only furthering mistrust. Simply state how a product or service is better than all the rest, based on the customer’s need to solve a pressing problem.

In an age when business trust, if not political trust, is fragile at best and nonexistent at worst, all we can do is rise above competitors by explaining concisely how a product or service enables a customer to work smarter and faster.

“The language of trust isn’t about you, the communicator. It is about the audience—their needs, their concerns, their fears,…their need for truth and information.”

*The Language of Trust



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