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Digital consulting services

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We’re talking about collateral comparison or what I call the Sea of Sameness. Because, in my opinion, many brochures and digital content read the same if not look the same generally. You can’t win in a big way being all things to all people.

Marketers in many industries are casting a net as a wide as possible hoping to catch as many customers as possible when, in fact, all they’re doing is ensuring a lot of blank stares. There’s just too much noise for anyone to review marketing collateral that doesn’t give her or him a reason to care.

The reason to care is how to make money. That’s the space or position in a customer’s mind. Find the sustainable position that eliminates competitors, and go all in with a compelling value statement, based on that strategy, in plain language. Stand out from the crowd simply and concisely.

Leading instead of following. Number one is better than two, three, or four.



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