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B2B digital marketing content

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Thinking like a customer allows you to create a customer persona. A persona is the target buyer of your product, service, or technology because you know the needs, motivation, goals. With this knowledge, you can craft the correct messaging to motivate buying from you instead of a competitor.

Creating a persona can be as simple as organizing a meeting with everyone in the company who has customer contact. Your colleagues can give you valuable details about purchasing behavior with significant anecdotal information that develops the best buyer description.

Ask as many questions as necessary to refine the information into the persona who’ll want only your company. If the persona is detailed correctly, you’ll see an individual clearly in your mind’s eye; you can find a photo that reflects this image. Add a name.

Now, your marketing collateral will be targeted to your new best friend. And, she or he will open the door to like-minded friends.



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