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How to write great marketing collateral

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Now that you know about active-tense value messaging, let’s talk about how to write content overall. Accurate sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar optimize your communications collateral.

Let’s begin with a basic rule that, may seem elementary but, based on the latest trend, needs clarification. Two sentences or independent clauses are not separated by a comma, as the trend would lead us to believe. Separating the two with a comma is a run-on sentence.

Incorrect example: We went to the grocery store, we’re going home now.

These two independent clauses of subject, verb, object require a period or full stop after the first one to give the reader a pause, a moment to comprehend the thought before moving onto the next.

Correct example: We went to the grocery store. We’re going home now.

Despite the practice to string thoughts together, traditional writing rules apply if your goal is compelling, actionable messaging. Become the wordcop in your group and enforce this most basic of writing laws.



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