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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

This is a stream-of-consciousness blog about content marketing. We can, at times, allow our thoughts to bubble up to the surface and onto the page and produce a worthwhile message. I’m always hopeful.

This practice is valuable for professional and personal improvement by bringing meaning to the myriad events we encounter throughout the day. Now, professionally, I’m stuck on thinking about the many companies that continue to pursue marketing communications the old-fashioned way: stale brochures; long-winded web content; uninspired blogs; uninteresting videos.

I also think a lot about company and product names and remember what a mentor taught: There are only four rules about naming: easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, and nondescriptive. And, yet, how many good names have you seen lately?

Our job as marketers is to counsel executive management about the need to capture mindshare by taking an imaginative approach, based on buyer persona, competitive analysis, and value proposition research.

In an era of 1 billion websites, 3.4 million Google searches per minute, and 150 million emails sent per minute, grabbing and holding attention require a willingness to be strategically bold. There is no other way to increase marketing ROI in the 21st century.

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