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Value proposition on mobile

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

How does your content appear on mobile? I think this is an essential question that goes beyond whether the website is responsive for mobile.

Even though content can be viewed on mobile, in addition to desktop and laptop, the vital issue is whether the content is written for mobile now accounting for 67% of digital media minutes. And, according to comScore, “smartphone apps alone are approaching half of all digital time spent.”

So, how we consume information is evolving rapidly, which raises an interesting question about how we, as B2B marketers, approach work. Are we optimizing our communications if we continue a print-oriented approach to product information, case studies, and white papers and, in many cases, to web content that often reads as though written for print?

The way we present information will determine whether the information is received. We can increase engagement with a greater emphasis on visuals, including animation, infographics, and video.

In the age of short attention spans, compelling value proposition content that is quickly consumed and easily understood will drive greater sales and revenue.

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