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Digital marketing basics

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Let’s get down to basics. Of course, I’m talking about the basics of marketing and, by default, communications because in the end or beginning, that is what we do: We communicate. And the only way I know how to communicate well is to understand words by definition so I can choose the right word.

We don’t hear much about word choice when talking about content marketing as though the content can magically flow onto the page. That’s similar to creating a structural foundation without concrete, the correct word choice. Cement is an ingredient of concrete.

But, even, a mundane concept can be miscommunicated. Recently, I drove by a store with a banner announcing the “Gran Opening.” I stopped the car and took a photo to ensure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

Why does this all matter? Words are the tools in a marketer’s toolbox. The right tools—in this case, an abundant vocabulary—ensure you’ll create marketing content that communicates precisely.

Despite today’s cultural practice of using jargon and slang, traditional, old-school, dictionary-based, thesaurus-based vocabulary always is in style to ensure greater customer engagement and increased mindshare.

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