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B2B product launch

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

How do you beat the competition?

Understand how your product fills a gap: This is the competitive position or the differentiator, which elevates your product above all others because your research proves this is the most important buying standard.

Your research also confirms you can sustain this competitive advantage for some years in case other companies catch up later. By that point, you’re certain you’ll have already released version 2 or 3.

Continue to update the value proposition, which describes the positioning, so you can continue to keep mindshare with many loyal customers. Ask these loyal customers for testimonials.

With testimonials, you can develop compelling case studies for the web and the sales team. Expand the case studies into trade journal articles or, another possibility, is first ask a customer to coauthor a technical paper.

Competitive positioning and value proposition messaging are the better approach to marketing communications.

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