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Value proposition versus features, benefits

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Is your marketing collateral building trust? Or, are you more concerned about promoting company greatness?

Following a decades-old practice, many marketing teams still think the doorway to a customer’s mind is describing technically detailed product features and writing boring company histories. In fact, this outdated approach turns off a customer.

The only path to mindshare is explaining how a product or service makes money based on competitive positioning research that identifies what a customer needs to solve a serious problem.

So, update your marketing messages with a competitive value proposition, based on this research. And, when you do so, speak to a customer as a friend or neighbor. Use informal, active-tense language that includes pronouns and contractions.

When you speak conversationally about product or service value, you establish rapport. A clear message in a casual, personal voice and tone simply communicates you’re here for a customer to win.

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