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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

How can you lead instead of follow competitors? Establish trust. How do you establish trust? Build rapport. You can build rapport with a personal connection from simple messaging.

Even before a telephone call or meeting with a prospect, you can begin a positive relationship with informal content. Use conversational language, speaking directly to a prospect as “you,” and refer to the company as “we” and “our.” You could say, “Give us a call.”

There aren’t any rules that prevent marketers from being informal and friendly instead of formal and unfriendly, which is writing from the old days. These are the new days of an enormously relaxed communication style, the basis of successful marketing.

Think friendly content instead of tried-and-failed formal content with long sentences and longer paragraphs in the stilted language of “industry professionals” and repetitive usage of a company name.

How will your messaging be received if even read at all? Ensure greater success by taking the conversational-and-friendly, build-rapport-and-establish-trust marketing road few B2B companies are traveling.

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