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B2B marketing plan

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The second segment of the marketing plan is determining the competitive sweet spot or positioning. This is the space where you can be all alone, how sweet, so you’re not looking over your shoulder at the other folks who think their product is cooler than yours.

So, how do you determine the sweet spot? Like all important marketing activities, you have to do the work. In this case, the work is understanding your product inside and out compared with your competitors.

What does your product do that none other does, based on what you now know your buyer persona needs, wants, desires to work smarter and faster? You’re going to identify this competitive position that will allow your persona to make more money with your product.

Once you’ve identified how your product meets the buyer persona’s demands, you’ll understand the value proposition, which we’ll discuss next time.

You’ve nailed the positioning, and your go-to-market strategy is taking shape.

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