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B2B marketing plan

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The third segment of the marketing plan is the value proposition, which is the customer-facing statement developed from the buyer persona and competitive positioning. The persona and positioning due diligence determine what the buyer really cares about and how your company satisfies that need better than competitors.

This due diligence produces the value proposition or your key differentiator or why the customer should care about what you’re trying to sell. Now, you’re putting the customer first by talking about how he or she can work smarter and faster instead of putting your company first by talking about features.

A strong value proposition of about eight words or less documents tangible results, such as:

-increased revenue -decreased cost -improved efficiency -enhanced reliability -reduced risk.

The value proposition, which is also known from the customer point of view as ‘What’s in it for me?’ and the basis of all buying decisions, is part of the positioning statement, the final, primary element of the marketing plan we’ll talk about next week.



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