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Marketing collateral definition

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Your prospective customer wants to know more from you. He or she wants a persuasive reason to buy from you, and that doesn’t mean long content that describes every feature. Would you read all of that stuff?

I know what you’re thinking. He or she has to know everything about everything because that’s how competitors write their marketing collateral. You’re right. But, that doesn’t mean this decades-old practice is correct now.

In our time-constrained business world, persuasive marketing collateral explains how your customer persona can work smarter and faster to save time and money. Greater efficiency is what matters. Isn’t that your motivating factor when making a substantial purchase?

Begin with a value proposition headline why your persona should care. Here’s an example: Decrease cost with less nonproductive time. Everything you write from this point explains how your product, service, or technology achieves this worthwhile goal. You’ll be creating an excellent website experience.

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