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B2B communications

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

If you’re following these weekly updates, you know I advocate informal, conversational content, which seems to be consistent with how communication is evolving.

We text and tweet short messages. We scan web content. We view infographics on serious and not-so-serious topics. We like video, and we like short video even more. Video viewing time on mobile is increasing quickly.

Visual marketing, which includes images and video, is part of this content style’s increasing appeal. Here are the visual marketing trends, according to Forbes: -branded video content -home and product page video -animated GIFs on social -real-time storytelling via live-stream social -email marketing with video.

These trends are occurring because our attention span is decreasing. Marketers are trying to figure out how to hold our attention, and visuals are the new edge.

Visuals are an appealing appetizer: Offer a sales prospect targeted, value-proposition messaging bites that increase the appetite for more.

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